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Saturday, May 23, 2009 ' 3:09 PM
Banging wall

Mummy wants to upload Shermay's blog today.. but she got a nasty shock!!!

All the photos that Mummy took for Shermay during hospital stay, at home blah blah (all the 23 days) disappeared!!! Even those photos of mine took recently all lost!!
Mummy wants to bang the walls already!!!
u tell me how??? the only left over photos are here....


Wednesday, May 13, 2009 ' 1:44 PM
Newly arrival - Shermay Lee

My meimei - Shermay Lee arrives in Gleneagles at 1318 on 30th April 2009. She weighs 3.12kg and at length 51cm. Meimei is at week 38 and 5 days when she joins our family!

This is my meimei at day 1.. still sleeping soundly..

And this is ME!!! when i visit meimei with Ah Ma..


' 12:32 PM
A Day with Mummy

29th April - 3rd day where Mummy started her maternity leave. So we decided to go to Jurong Point since we couldn't make it to Gymboree. 1st place we headed is Kiddy Palace. Mummy wanted to complete my cooking set - fruits and food for me to cook.

Jurong Point, after renovation is so huge that we got lost and finally found out way to KP after checking with Information.

I'm so busy playing and looking around for toys.

Then Mummy decided to get me 1 more toy - cleaning set. Mini mopping, broom, pail etc..

See... i love playing with Mummy's hp..

Of course with my barney...

I love Mummy and Mummy loves me deep deep too...


' 12:20 PM
New Toy from Ah Ma

Ah Ma bought me a new toy when she brought me to market on Saturday morning. Its a mini cooking set. I had a similar 1 at Mummy's house and i get pretty excited when i saw it in the market.

I cook cook cook and let Mummy tried it!!

Mummy said its HOT!! So i blow blow blow and try it myself. Yummy~~

Opps.. after taking a few snaps, Mummy realised my legs are widely opened!!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009 ' 10:44 PM
Ah Ma's Birthday Treat

We have a backdated birthday treat for Ah Ma on 25th April. Before going for lunchie, Zong Heng gor gor went to have his new spectacle done. So Mummy took 1 cute little children spectacle for me to try on. I look nice right?

Everybody is so hungry that Mummy had no time to take photos at all!! Just a snap here and there..

This is my Ah Ma...

I look funky??

Dawn and Dior jie jie..


' 10:34 PM
Ah Ma's 58th Birthday (Part 3)

The singing song part!!!

Blowing out candles!!

Can see how happy Ah Ma is??

When Mummy bought the cake back, Ah Ma was saying no need to buy cake, no need to celebrate blah blah... but can see that Ah Ma is very happy that everybody remembers her birthday! Of course everybody will remember.

Ah Gu, Da Yi-mummy, Er-Yi and Mummy gave Mummy ang baos.. I bet Ah Ma is very happy with the ang baos and cake..


' 10:16 PM
Ah Ma's 58th Birthday (Part 2)

Cam-whoring while waiting for Er-Yi to reach Ah Ma's house... With my favourite Baby..

Ah Ma commented that I must take a photo answering the phone.. Because Mummy also had this when she was young..

Finally~~~Absence: Daddy (he was caught in a traffic jam), Ah gu and family (they went home much earlier), Mummy (camera woman) and Dawn jiejie (camera woman)

Ah Ma's 3 precious daughters and grandchildren
Finally with candles light up and all grandchildren in place (except yuxuan and glenden gor gor)


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